Sunday, February 26, 2012

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For those of you who have not ventured into the etsy world...let us explain.

Etsy is an amazing website to search for handmade and vintage items, art, supplies, etc... From paintings to jewelry to old cookbooks, etsy is where it's at. Each artist owns a shop. If you like a certain artist you can add their shop to your favorites and you can become part of their circle. (hint hint). It doesn't cost a thing to join and payment for items can be made securely though paypal.

For all you Etsy veterans come join our circle. We love new friends :)

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Specialty Envelopes

Wedding invitation styles have come a long way over the years. Traditionally, you had the two basic colors to pick from, white or ivory. Slowly, hints of color made their way into invitations and also into the envelopes. Envelopes became lined with matching colors used on your actual invitation. Today we go full color everything! Invitations now showcase bright bold colors in all different kinds of paper. Raised lettering isn't a must any more and the pieces of tissue paper that traditionally lay atop your invitations are now saved for the peeks of emotion during the wedding ceremony. There are different shapes and sizes, big and small, pockets and sleeves. You name it and it can be an invitation, even if you can't name it - DREAM it and we can make it into an invitation. One of our favorite signature styles is the sand invitation. Including sand (from the beach) on invitations - talk about going outside the sandbox:)

You don't have to stop with the invitation, envelopes are making a bold statement as well. If you think about it... the envelope is the first glimpse your guest will see of your wedding. While the invitation is the introduction to your wedding the envelope is the red curtain. You can usually tell when it's a wedding invitation you are receiving. You open the mailbox and see the smooth ivory or white envelope -  Aunt Betty's fancy handwriting for the address is usually a give away:) Now there are so much more to choose from.

Envelope Sizes
The average invitation envelope is probably an A-6, A-7 or A-8 size, a typical rectangular shaped envelope. A more modern shape would be the square, 5.5, 6, 6.5 and 7 or a #10 which is the size of a business envelope. The reply card is sent in a 4Bar, which is the smallest mailable size envelope. If you have a slightly larger reply card would be an A-2, the next size up. There are also different flaps available, the straight across flap and the euro flap, which is a long triangle shape (also known as the announcement flap). The straight flap is much more common. No curves just straight across the center of the envelope on the A-6-9's and it reaches about the quarter the way down a square envelope. The euro flap is triangle flap, where the tip almost reaches the bottom of the envelope and conveys a very elegant style. This flap only comes in certain sizes, normally your A-6-9's and the A-2 and 4Bar. The #10 have a normal flap and can also come in an open policy flap. An open policy flap is where the envelope is opened like a booklet envelope, from the top.

Envelope Colors & Textures
White and ivory are taking a back seat to some of the colors that are now available in envelopes. Manufacturing companies continue to add different colors to match the different paper lines already out there. Every color and shade of the rainbow, including silver and black, is becoming available. And color is just the half of it. Colors are now being matched with textures as well. The conventional smooth envelope is now being replaced with linen, laid, recycled and shiny shimmer envelopes. Let your guest be intrigued with what's behind the shiny silver envelope they just received in the mail.

Specialty Envelope Facts

All though we highly recommend a specialty envelopes for your invitations, there are a few important things you need to be aware of. Not all colors come in all sizes. Manufacturing companies are constantly adding new colors and shapes, however you can always play it safe knowing white and ivory will come in all sizes. If you run into a problem with this we recommend doing both. For example, your purple shimmer color only comes in the A-7 but not an A-6, make the purple your outer envelope and the inner envelope white/ivory. Or maybe only go with the inner envelope.

 Don't forget the cost of postage with budgeting and your invitation planning. Square envelopes over the size 6x6 are not considered regular mailing size and require extra postage. Another tip, if you want to lower some of your cost consider a reply post card instead of a reply card and envelope. Postage is half the cost.

If your invitation is in a #10 envelope and you want an outer envelope, your only option is a #11 open policy envelope. Don't worry though your guest will be WOWed  with this style.

4Bars are the smallest envelope that can be mailed. Although there are smaller envelopes out there, the 4bar or A-1 are smallest you can mail.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

This & That Creations' photostream

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Check out our flickr account. We are constantly adding more photos with descriptions. Feel free to leave your comments on any of our items or save us to your favorites.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Assateague Island State Park Weddings

Assateague Island State Park is an amazing place to have your beach wedding in the Ocean City, Maryland area. What a beautiful canvas you can paint for your wedding having white sands, ocean waters and wild horses roaming. With only a 10 minute drive from Ocean City, your guests will enjoy this state park and all it has to offer. There is no permit needed to get married on the beach - just a 10 week advanced notice to the park's headquarters. Guests will have to pay a day usage park fee because this fee cannot be paid ahead of time.

For more information click the link below.

Our Assateague Wedding invitation for
Jamy & Clare Davy

This long sleek invitation was printed on a bright white card stock and backed with a deep apple green shimmer paper. Layed on top of the invite was a soft petal pink vellum that was attached to the invitation with two black eyelets. Weaved through the eyelets and tied into a bow is a natural color raffia ribbon...what a perfect feel for this seaside wedding. 

Please feel free to email us with questions and pricing information

Friday, February 10, 2012

"pin" us on Pinterest

We will now be pinning our products on pinterest. Feel free to "like' or "pin" us all you want.

What is Pinterest you ask????

Pinterest is a virtual pin board. It allows you to organize all the things you find on the web by applying them to you own pin boards. You can create as many pin boards as you want to organize your pins. It's a perfect way to store your ideas for your wedding. dyi projects, recipes, etc.. You can browse other peoples pin boards and follow the ones you like to discover new things. Click on the link above and request an invite to get started.