Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wedding Party Card ~ Clean up Nice Officiant card

You're engaged!!! Now you need someone to help you seal the deal! Whether you're asking your pastor, a friend or family member to do the honors of marrying you, ask them with this sweet and simple card. Ask your officiant with in a way they'll remember. Card is printed on *kraft style cardstock including envelope.


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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day Cards ~ Happy Obligatory Sex Day

It's that time of year again...can you feel the love?! Give someone you love (or someone that has a sense of humor) this funny Valentine's Day card.

Give that special someone a funny card for Valentine's Day or just because. You don't need an excuse to make that special someone smile, and this card is guaranteed to do that:) This funny card is PERFECT!!!
HAPPY OBLIGATORY SEX day Funny Valentines Day card anniversary card funny love cards naughty funny sex cards boyfriend card girlfriend card
 Printed on a recycled kraft card or cream - YOUR CHOICE!!!

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