Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Featured Couple ~ Sue & Danny Sullivan

Sue & Danny Sullivan
May 29th 2011
Black Ankle Vinyards
 Mount Airy, Maryland

Theme: Eat, Drink, and Be Married
Color: Wine purple
Location: Black Ankle Vineyard

There were a few key things our featured couple Sue & Danny wanted to include in their custom wedding invitations. They wanted handmade invitations that were earth friendly, while using plantable paper and carrying out subtle wine theme. We decided to go head first with the earth friendly part. All of the papers we used were 100% recycled. We used the signature recycle symbol through out the whole invitation to reiterate what they were trying to covey. The recycle symbol can be seen on the tag, reply post card and on the back of the invitation letting their guest know this invitation is made with recyclable papers. Since their wedding was going to be held on the rolling hills of the Black Ankle Vineyard in Mount Airy Maryland, we went with earth tone colors for the papers.

We used just a touch of the other elements they wanted to include making a conscious effort not to overpower any one theme. We included the wine color with ink and purple wraffia. And we made sure when adding the plantable paper swatch that it also had hints of purple larkspurs. Attached with the plantable paper swatch was a little tag saying,
"Seeds of Love! Please plant and watch as beautiful wildflowers will grow".

What a picture perfect vineyard earthy wedding, all the way down to the rustic sweetheart table!
Classic meets modern flower child.
 Eat, Drink, Be Married. 

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

50th Anniversary Invitations ~ The golden years!

What's more exciting than creating wedding invitations?!?!

50th Anniversary Invitations!!!!! 

Wedding Anniversaries date back to the Holy Roman Empire. Wives were crowned by their king with a silver wreath on their 25th anniversary and a gold wreath on their 50th anniversary. Although we no longer crown our spouses for this special occasion we do continue with the traditional silver and gold theme. 

This lucky couple was being surprised with a party in honor of them and their 50 years of happiness. When their daughter came to us she said she wanted something traditional, simple and also wanted to include a wedding picture. We did just that.
We decided to go with a traditional fold over invitation in a black smooth card. On the outside a simple tag reading, 50 years is bordered in gold and attached to a shimmery gold sheer ribbon. On the inside Lee & Barbs names are in the same gold color. With all the details on the party on one side, it leaves room for a picture on the other side.

 We used a black and white wedding photo and mounted it with the old school style photo mounts. Just that little extra detail to bring old and new together. 

We decided to use basic colors like black, white and gold because fifty years ago these were the basic colors used. The party was set up like a traditional wedding reception. When you enter the reception room a album that held wedding memorabilia showcased the evenings invitation. Tables had white linens with gold napkins, beautiful flower arrangements on each table with gold votive candles.

The family put a lot of thought into the evenings details. The couple marriage certificate was framed for every one to see. Their original wedding album and wedding portrait was on display along with the brides wedding dress and veil. 

Congrats Lee & Barb! Here's to 50 more years :)

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Friday, April 26, 2013

New Wedding Stamps from the USPS 2013

Another year goes by and another $0.01 gets added to postage. The good news is with new prices come new designs. The post office has issued a few different stamps to use with your wedding invitations. The traditional wedding cake ($0.66) and wedding roses ($0.46) are still available.

Now for 2013 there are a few other choices for wedding stamps. Just in time for your Spring or Summer wedding is the Yes, I Do!  Wedding stamp ($0.66).  If you're lucky and your wedding invitations weigh in under 2 ounces you can use the Where Dreams Blossom Forever Stamp ($0.46). If not, save them for the reply card envelopes and thank you cards. Both stamps use the same fun and contemporary style of an array of colorful flowers making it easy to carry your stamp theme on all you correspondents. 

If you choose to do a reply post card instead of a reply card and envelope, there is a new stamp for that as well. Replacing the bright Aloha Hawaiian shirts is four different types of Americas favorite fruit, the apple. Keep in mind using a reply post card instead of reply card and envelopes saves you some mullah in postage, $0.13 per invitation. How about them apples :)

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sweetheart Birthday Party Invitations and Banners

For those of you who know us, our love for creating anything is quite obvious. We are overly passionate about unique papers, funky fonts, patterned ribbons and just about anything that inspires us to use our nonstop noggins. We have many cutey patooty birthday invitations for the little loves of your lives, with cool themes to suit parties of all seasons.

If you're lil' munchkin has a birthday close to the most romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day, why not go with the Sweetheart theme and create an invitation filled will loooooove. For this Valentine/Birthday invitation we created a circle invitation. We printed the invitation on a bright white card, adding hearts to enlighten your guests on the birthday theme.We bordered the invitation with a super sparkly hot pink card and attached these two circle layers with a red heart punched out of  sparkle paper and secured everything with a pink and red heart ribbon.

Sweetheart Theme Invitation

But lets not stop with the invitation. We continued this same sweetheart theme with one of our personalized bunting style banners. Using different colors of the same sparkle paper shaped as hearts, "Happy Birthday Samantha" was spelled out for everyone to see. 
Add a couple paper lanterns and presto...you have another key item on display for your sweetheart
 birthday party.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013: Aspen Escape Eco-friendly wedding invitation

Happy Earth Day to all of our tree hugging hippy followers!!! And even those of you that follow us that don't grope too tightly on trees, we know how earth conscious you are too:) In light of this spectacular day of celebrating Mother Earth we thought it's only fitting to design a new eco-friendly wedding invitation - we really can't call it a "set" or "suite" being as it's eco-friendly and all, we focused on using a minimal amount of materials.

Nowadays everyone is using a wedding website to supply their guests with all kinds of additional information that is not included on their invitation. We have come into counter with many couples also asking if they can include reply information on their wedding website. While there will always be some of the elder, not so computer literate, who regardless if you want to, or not  - you'll have to call and find out if they are attending your special day kind of folks...most of your guest list can and will reply on your site. With all of that being said let's get to the nitty gritty of why we think this invitation is perfectly green. This earth loving invitation is printed on 100% recycled kraft card stock paper using 100% post consumer waste. While contemplating the design details, what we wanted to do here was use the least amount of paper (and envelopes) as we possibly could so our end result became an "all-in-one" wedding invitation.

Without taking a gander at the pictures this might sound a little quirky and perhaps weird, but take a look my friends and you will see a very traditional one of a kind wedding invitation. Without further ado we present our Earth Day influenced wedding invitation we call: 

Aspen Escape...

Our inspiration derived from an Aspen tree which not-so-coincidentally tied in our tree-saving task at hand. All of the wedding information is listed on this side of the invitation.

Now here is where it gets a little wild and crazy - FLIP IT OVER - and voila POSTCARD peeps!!! 
We have created a post card wedding invitation!

 Aligned to the right is the guest mailing address. On the left side we wrote a brief explanation of why we chose this recycled paper and environment friendly design for a wedding invitation. Also, the wedding website is included with all of the necessary information (accommodation, directions and yes or no reply information). No need for an inner envelope, or outer envelope...and by replying online, no need for a reply card with envelope!

And keep in mind, a little explaining, and possibly encouraging, will go a long way.

We are so happy to be able to give a little to Mother Nature, by using less when we can, repurposing all things possible and buying reusable products whenever available. Hope you enjoyed our Earth Day blog and our new Eco-friendly all in one wedding invitation postcard!!!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Don't forget the matching Thank You Cards!!!!


Just because you've said your "I do's" and sealed the deal with a kiss - it does not mean your wedding planning is over. Proper wedding etiquette when expressing your gratitude is that you have three months from the time you received the gift to reply back with a thank you :) Now that the honeymoon is over it's time to thank all of the friends and family who were there to share your big day.  Why not keep the feeling alive by giving a thank you card that matches your invitations and wedding theme. See how we coordinated and continued the theme of each invitation with these custom thank you cards.

The Colors of the Hydrangea -
Thank you cards

Using two of the colors used for the wedding invitation, we continued the theme onto the thank you cards. This vibrant wedding invitation set was printed on multiple colors of shimmer card stock to represent the different colors of the hydrangea, their wedding flower. We printed the thank you cards on a single panel card, similar to the reply post card, using a light purple shimmer card stock. (You'll notice we used the same purple paper that we used for the information cards). We kept the same font and flower image tying the two together. Keeping the theme in mind, we sealed the deal with light green shimmer envelopes (the same color the invites were printed on).

See our past blog "Colors of Hydrangea" for full details on this invitation set.

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Destination Miami - Thank you cards

Of course we had to design these thank you cards to match this beautiful destination wedding invitation set! The invitation itself was printed on a bright white card stock, bordered in a electric blue shimmer card and adhered to a white shimmer pocket fold. A faded palm tree image arose out of a layer of sand on the bottom on the invite. We continued the same theme on to the thank you cards by using the same palm tree image, sand and same blue font. 


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