Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Featured Couple ~ Grace and Jay Jones

Grace & Jay Jones
July 20th 2012
Ocean Pines Yacht Club
Ocean Pines, Maryland 

Theme: Joys of Summer
Colors: Coral, Pink and Orange 
Location: Ocean Pines Yacht Club

What do you think of when you're having a summer wedding??? How about mason jars, fireflies and daisies??? Of course!!!! What is Summer without those things? That is what our couple was setting there wedding theme on, the joys of Summer. We decided to go with the earth friendly theme as well with the invitations. We used two recycled papers in neutral colors and added their coral wedding color with two cascading photo corner ribbons and also used it for their names. Color can be added to any invitation in the most subtle ways.

Next up is the mason jars and fireflies. We wanted something simple and not too much like an actual bug image. We came up with a simple design of what this little summer bug is known for... their lights!!! Fireflies dance up the side of the invite and even on the reply post card and outer envelope as well. 

The complete set: invite, reply post card and matching outer envelope.

We kept this suit going with wish cards. Using the same papers and fonts we used with the invites we made little cards the guest will be able to write their wishes for the lucky couple. We also squeezed on there a mason jar with a few fireflies. 

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The photos of Grace and Jay are by McCarthy Imagerie

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Wedding Inspiration Board I ~The Daisy

Spring is FINALLY here!!!! Time for your Spring fever to kick in and your wedding planning to take off. Let's put to bed the deep bold cold colors and wake up the softer, warmer colors. As we welcome the next mood of Mother Nature we take a look at not only the colors she has to offer, but the materials as well.

We will start with one of our favorite nature inspired invitations, The Daisy. This delicate invite is made with a beautiful pink handmade paper filled with all kinds of natures inclusions, like grasses and leaves. Keeping with the nature theme, we are jumping on the mason jar bandwagon and spraying them with light pink paint and filling them with baby's breathe; a perfect, yet simple centerpiece option. Next isn't necessarily the yummy cake, but the pastel pink piece of furniture it's sitting on. Take old furniture and transform it into an upcycle piece you can display at your wedding. We're not stopping there with our outdoor Spring wedding!!! Let's bring the reception venue outside with soft colored linens and flower petals falling from the trees...a unique twist on the traditional look of petals on the ground.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Wedding Inspiration Board ~ Aspen Escape

Green is the way to be especially if you're talking about St. Patrick's Day! We've created this St. Patty's Day inspiration board with both the color green in mind as well as our inner earth friendly green part too. What better way to announce a green holiday than with our ultimate earth friendly post card wedding invitation! We printed this earth loving invitation on 100% recycled kraft card stock paper using 100% post consumer waste. Using the least amount of paper possible we printed our eco-friendly invitation on both sides of this recycled paper instructing your guests to reply online to your wedding website. So what does this mean?

So this is our take on green for our St. Patrick's Day wedding inspiration board...check out what we included below. Going for simplicity, we chose this white dinner napkin wrapped in a little bit of nature, simple yet stunning. Next we have repurposed light bulbs!!! These dainty little transparent pieces of art can filled with flowers and greens and hung for an organic d├ęcor piece. Lastly, we have recycled bottles. These colorful beauties can be picked up cheap at thrift shops and antique stores and recycled into centerpieces, drink pourers or vases at your green wedding. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

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