Thursday, January 31, 2013

Featured Couple... Shannon & Matt Albright

Shannon & Matt Albright
April 10th 2010
South Gate Manor
Freehold, New Jersey

Theme: Black Tie and Elegant 
Colors: Black and Ivory
Location: South Gate Manor

Weddings don't always have to be the classic beach, vineyard or Old Hollywood theme. Sometimes your theme can just be the colors and ambiance.That's exactly what we did for Shannon & Matt Albright. We captured their elegant black tie affair using an ivory and black color scheme along with a simple monogram. This simple concept was carried throughout many unique wedding accessories which all transformed into an exquisite night their guests would never forget.

First things first, the save the date. Before any major planning began a save the date was created. The bride and groom had a lot of out of town guests and wanted to give them plenty of notice to make travel arrangements. Keeping things simple from the start, Shannon and Matt went with a black and white picture, black background and a hint of color, using a pinkish, papaya like color for some of the wording. This wasn't your average save the date magnet though, we increased this magnet to twice the size of a standard save the date magnet. This would be the beginning of many "WOW" factor details their guests continue to talk about.

So the save the date magnets were sealed and sent on their merry way across the country, now it's time to start planning for the big day. Knowing she would have a lot of enclosure cards containing a plethera of wedding and reception information; for their invitations Shannon naturally gravitated towards the pocket fold style invitations. They decided to move forward with an elegant theme and chose ivory and black to do the talking for them, two colors that would hold such a big part in the wedding - simple yet BOLD! But we didn't stop there with the bold details. The ivory pocket fold we used was also over sized like the save the date magnets. Their guests would receive this ivory large shimmer pocket fold invitation feeling like they were invited to the event of the year. The invite was printed on ivory shimmer card stock and bordered with a rich black card. The enclosure cards were all printed on the ivory shimmer cards.

Of course including their monogram into the finer details, we printed the outer tag with their SAM monogram. This monogram was a huge factor in their wedding theme along with the ivory and black color scheme. This simple monogram was used throughout the wedding. We used the same design for the tall place cards printed on ivory shimmer card stock. As the guest entered into the grand foyer of the Lions Gate, all these little gems were aligned on a round table waiting to be picked up. Adding to the design we spelled out Shannon and Matt's names instead of using just the initials but left the "A" in between their names on the programs. The programs were a folded card of ivory shimmer card stock. The inside pages however, were not in a book format, they were adhered inside in a flip format. 

Each program was placed on each gold and ivory seat. On
top of the program layed a tissue card. What is a tissue card you ask? A tissue card is a little wrap that goes around a single tissue. On the front of this cute little tissue cover is a little sweet saying telling your guest to use the single tissue to wipe away their tears of joy. 

Carrying on the SAM theme we used the same monogram design that was on the invitation tag and placed it on the matching place card. We designed these place cards into a tall fold over card printed on the ivory shimmer card stock. These cards were displayed in the main lobby on a table in a circle fashion.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pirate Birthday Party Invitation

We are obviously in the business of designing wedding invitations, but some of you do not know that we can, and love to, design invitations and cards for other events too! Below is two samples of our pirate theme birthday party invitations. ARRRRRRR you ready for the details of these pirate invitations??!!!

The Pirate Map

The invitation was for a double birthday party with two pirate fanatics. This invitation was printed on a kraft card and individually wrinkled to give a weathered map look. The kraft pirate map was bordered with a rich black card stock. We paired up this invitation with rich black matching envelopes. Address the envelopes in white ink and you have yourself a treasure map your guest will be walking the plank to open.

Let your guest find all the details of this pirate adventure as they follow the dotted line.

The Pirate Ship

Ships a sail for this invitation. All your information will be printed on white card stock which will act as the sail to your pirate ship invitation. The printed sail is attached with a wooden stick and is connected to the hull which will be in black card stock. These two star pirates' names are listed on either side of a nautical compass.  

Once again your guest will be excited for this pirate adventure reading all the fun wording. 

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Addressing and Envelope Etiquette for your Wedding Invitations

Why do I need two envelopes?
Do I really need the inner envelope?


These are questions asked by many many brides. Don't seal those envelopes just yet.  
Lets take a look at envelope etiquette.

What envelopes are needed with a wedding invitation set?

1. Outer envelope
2. Inner envelope
3. Response Card envelope

Outer envelope

The outer envelope is the envelope the post office will see. This envelope will have your guest's full formal name and address. Children and guest of the recipient are not listed here. Addresses are completely spelled out, no abbreviations, this includes the name of the state. The return address is printed on the back flap and is the address of the person who is hosting the wedding. Do not add the name of the host, just the address.

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Smith
123 Market Street
Ocean City, Maryland
Inner envelope

The inner envelope is the envelope found inside the outer envelope. This envelope will also hold your invitation and is not sealed shut. You address this envelope as if you were hand-delivering it. The invited guests first names are listed here along with children names (if inviting). List children by age from oldest to youngest. If you are including an option for your guest to bring a date you will list that here with an "and guest". 

Jon, Diane, Jimmy and Dorothy 

Becky and Guest

Response Card Envelope

The response card envelope is the envelope which holds your response card. It should be formally written like the outer envelope with the host address listed.

No Inner Envelope???
If you are going with one envelope you can use a second title line to address children or another adult guest.

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
Jimmy and Dorothy
123 Market Street
Ocean City, Maryland

NOW,  on to the formal etiquette of addressing envelopes.

Creating your guest list for addressing.

Use abbreviations for titles, "Mr., Mrs., Ms., and Dr.". For single woman address them as "Miss.".
Write out a husband and wife as "Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Smith" or "Mr. and Mrs. Diane and Jonathan Smith". The husbands first name must always be beside the last name.
If the wife still has her maiden name always address her first and use "Ms." as her title even though she is married. "Ms. Diane Miller and Mr. Jonathan Smith",

What's up Doc?

When inviting a doctor always list the doctor first regardless of gender. If both spouses are doctors always place the husbands name next to the surname, "Drs. Diane and Jonathan Smith" or "The Doctors Smith".

Other Titles

Here are the ways to write other titles you might have to include.

Military and government titles always write out. Sargent, Major, Senator, Governor, etc..
The same goes for clergy and judges, The Honorable, The Reverend, Father, etc..
Do not use Esq if someone is a lawyer. This title is for business and not as a formal title.
Jr. and Sr. should be placed after a comma after the last name. A number prefix does not get a comma.
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Smith, Sr

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Envelope Printing

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Envelope Printing for your Wedding Invitations

Soooo you're invitations are finished and you think you're done, right? WRONG! You still need to address ALL of those envelopes arghhhhhh. Not only is it time consuming, but let's face it - you just might not have pretty enough handwriting to match up with those beautiful wedding invitations. We've said it before and we'll say it again, "the invitations are the show and the envelopes are the red curtain". Before your guest even get's to see what's to come, they see the pretty little envelope - the lovely Oscar De La Renta cashmere coat over your little black dress. DON'T FRET...let us print your envelopes!!!

Whether we've designed your invitations, or if you've found them elsewhere, we can print on just about any envelope and match just about any font. When planning you're wedding you generally have a theme or color scheme that flows throughout every aspect from the bridesmaids dresses to the table tops, so it only makes sense to have everything follow suit, wouldn't you say?! It's not only easy on the eyes having everything flow - it just makes sense:)

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter is a very busy season with back to back holidays. If sun and sand is not your cup of tea, then say hello to Jack Frost and add a little Kris Kringle to that wedding list. With pine cones, snow flakes, hot cocoa and confetti on your side, we take a look at all the great things winter has to offer. 


The Church

If you planning your wedding around the holiday season, take advantage of the decorations the church may already have adorned. Many churches decorate with festive pointsettas, trees draped in white lights and velvety deep red bows with evergreen sprays on the end of ever pew. Save some $$$$ during your holiday wedding by utilizing what is already at your disposal.

The Ballroom 

When Jack Frost is nipping on your nose the last thing you want to do is have an outdoor wedding....let's face it some of us do get a little militant when it comes to planning a wedding, but we're not trying to be frozen heroes. The winter months are perfect time to think about a ballroom wedding for your fairy tale bliss. Cathedral ceilings, birch trees scattered, bright twinkling lights and gold lined chairs at large decorated tables are just a few ideas to dress the scene. Throw some blue and purple ambiance lighting and even Cinderella herself, would want an invitation to this event.

The Ski Lodge

Now if you want a winter wedding and this season just doesn't happen where you live and when there's a chance of snow in the forecast the local supercenter has sold out of jeans you might want to relocate the wedding to a place where, if snow is not in the forecast - they can, well, make it!!! A ski lodge could be the snow at the end of your tunnel (okay, silly we know but you get the idea:) A ski lodge wedding will give you all of the obvious beauty of the mountains and many more perks. Most lodges have on-sight restaurants which cover the catering and many mountainside villas or cabins to accommodate the guest list. Any way you look at's going to be skiiitacular!


This time of year we "fall back" into a new time change and with the winter months flying by, so does the sun. Always keep in mind the accurate time that the sun sets when deciding your ceremony, reception and picture times. Timing is a crucial point in your wedding planning. Another timing matter that has to be looked at in the winter months of wedding planning is when the holidays fall. The holiday season is a very busy season for many many people. Right after Halloween the autumn season kicks in and friends near and far are gathering for a Thanksgiving feast followed by holiday shopping. Before that turkey has settled in...December is upon us. Yes, the holiday season is a crazy time of year but don't let that deter you from wanting your perfect holiday wedding. The month of December is a very festive month and people are always in the mood to celebrate. With this in mind, a Save the Date would be perfect to let your guests know to save a night of yuletide cheer to help you celebrate your new journey. 

If you want your wedding to bring in the new year maybe take the bold leap into have a new years eve wedding. The only time you will have to worry about is 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4,3,2,1.... "I DO!!!!!!"


Fresh cut trees, vivid pointsettas, pine cones, shinny ornaments, balloons and confetti all can be found right in your neighborhood.  Always look in your surrounding areas to help avoid shipping cost and out of stock items.'s a little hint when planning your decorations...plan ahead! If your wedding is a year away and you are having a seasonal or holiday theme wedding, look for clearance prices after that season or holiday and STOCK UP!!!!! Most stores discount seasonal items right after the holiday, up to 90% off. Keep an eye out for things you want and hit up the stores to stock up and reserve until your big day.


It's understandable that everyone wants their dream wedding, including the perfect flowers and food, but when it comes down to saving Benjamin's, I think we're all in agreement that some areas we can be flexible. Talk with your florist, photographer and other vendors on what deals they may be able to offer with in-season items. Go in with an open minded planning approach and you'll be sure to save money...any your sanity:)

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Winter Wedding Inspiration Board IV ~ Ivory Bliss

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter Wedding Inspiration Board IV ~ Ivory Bliss

Timing: a synchronizing of the various parts of a production for theatrical
              effect the result or effect thus achieved.
Simplicity: the state, quality, or an instance of being simple; freedom from
                   complexity, intricacy, or division into parts.

Timing is everything and sometimes, simplicity is essential. It can be difficult having a season hold you back from your desired wedding design, consequently pushing you into an unwanted direction because of time honored traditions. However, when you pick a simple color palette to design your wedding, any time is a perfect time to have a wedding. And some times when letting a subtle style navigate your wedding planning, you consequently end up with the most enlightened and nothing short of perfect outcome. As you can see with our Winter Inspiration Board below, these beautiful ceremony cards whisper winter simplicity in the most elegant's what it entails:

The 3 layer wedding programs are printed on a smooth ivory card and bordered with an ivory shimmer paper which is attached to the fold over ivory card. The ceremony tissue cards have the same papers used with sweet words of sentiment for the couple's guests and a tissue for tears neatly folded inside. Lastly, the place cards match the set with the ivory and shimmer cards. We matched this set with a simple yet, entirely uncommon succulent boutonniere, then a stunning centerpiece comprised of a birch tree stump, gorgeous white Gerber daisies and cascading tree branches. Finally, our avant garde bride shows a more than proper combo of a sweet and subtle lace neckline with a sensational topper.


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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fun with wedding table numbers

Traditional wedding items and decorations can easily consume your wedding planning. Some of the necessary evils like place cards, table cards, etc. for some reason get lost in the shuffle when it comes to creativity. Although there are many wedding planning web sites and books easily found that will guide you through each step and help with your big day, we always like to remind our brides that there is no rule as to what you can do for your wedding. It's your day therefor, you can do WHATEVER you wish, our example today...table numbers. Instead of sticking with the traditional table 1, table 2, table 3 and so forth, use a simple table card to get creative.

If you are having a beach them wedding instead of using numbers to direct your guests to there chosen seat,  use beach names or names of seashells. Simply using vacation beaches you may have traveled once, or frequent, you will not only add a sentimentle value, but also another personal touch to your wedding day. To make it even more special, write a brief description of the destination and what was particularly memorable about your stay. Either way, numbers are out...unique is in - take it to the next level!!!

Below are examples of unique table names.

If you're getting married at a vineyard, or simply love wine and you've decided on a wine theme like our couple Lori and Steve, name each table a different kind of wine. Go a little further and instead of table cards use wine bottles

Ten wines to name your wedding tables:
1. Cabernet Sauvignon
2. Merlot
3. White Zinfandel
4. Chardonnay
5. Pinot Noir
6. Pinot Grigio
7. Sauvignon Blanc
8. Moscato
9. Shiraz
10. Riesling

Getting married in Spring when the flowers are in bloom? Do a simple fold over card with different types of flowers.

Ten wedding flower names:
1. Orchid
2. Rose
3. Lilac
4. Daisy
5. Calla Lilly
6. Tulip
7. Hydrangea
8. Daffodil
9. Hibiscus
10. Jasmine

Please contact us for pricing and table card options. No matter what your wedding theme or style is, we will be able to unfold a fun, creative, one of a kind arrangement of table names on accommodating displays.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter Wedding Inspiration Board III ~ Miami at Twilight

As the holidays come to an end and New Years resolutions set in, we set aside the vibrant red, green and golds of Christmas and look for an alternative color scheme for a winter wedding. Let's keep it classy with this one and work with the once not so popular wedding color, black. Even though it's been standard to have a little black dress in every females wardrobe, a century ago a wedding party dressed in black was completely unheard of and over all taboo. Well in with the new and out with the old. Take a gander at how we matched up some sleek styles on this winter inspiration collection. 

Let's start the New Year with our Miami at Twilight invitation set.  The invite and enclosure cards are all printed on a bright white shimmer card stock. The invite is backed with a deep purple weave card stock and silver shimmer text weight before being attached to a black shimmer pocket fold. The monogram closure tag with wedding date contains the same papers. Everything is then tucked into a silver shimmer envelope. Keeping the black and silver flowing we paired this sleek invitation with a black baby doll style bridesmaids dress, silver, sage and winter white bouquet and finished with a large silver and white tiered wedding cake.  

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