Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Wedding Inspiration Board II ~ Glamorous

A little pop of color never goes out of style, especially when that color is red! Our next wedding inspiration board is a classic that is sure to be a trend 'til the end...pops of red in a retro, contemporary sort of way (kind of an oxymoron that makes sense..right????!!!!) We start with our "Glamorous" wedding invitation set which emulates a movie ticket and captures an Old Hollywood feel. We added just a touch of red to this Hollywood Glam invitation with the wording and the shimmer paper creating the necessary pop of color to finish the roaring 20's look. Next this bride compliments her look from head to toe with red...but simply and tastefully enough to not overwhelm or disturb the Gatsby look she's showcasing. Pretty perfect cake...looks gorgeous enough to stare at but yummy enough to eat:) And who says the Winter has to be cold and colorless? Sometimes adding a touch of red with a hanging heart banner and some rose petals is all you need.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Featured Couple ~ Ashton & Thurman Donoway

Gina Whaley Photography

Ashton & Thurman Donoway
January 22, 2011
The Fountains

Gina Whaley Photography

Theme: Old Hollywood
Colors: Deep Red, Black and White
Location: The Fountains Wedding and Conference Center
Salisbury, Maryland

Gina Whaley Photography 

When we met with Ashton and Thurman we were really excited to start creating their wedding invitations. They came to us with a 1940's theme and wanted to blow away their guests once they opened their invitations. We did just that with this over sized layered invitation Hollywood invitation set. Three layers of shimmer paper were used: black, deep red and ivory. A ivory ribbon was wrapped around the back to hold their reply post card. These would be the colors that would match the bridesmaids dresses and shoes.  These beautiful card stocks used weren't the only dazzling thing about this invitation how about the posh format??!! We mixed art deco fonts with classic script emulating a 1940's movie style poster. All the traditional invitation information was included and had its own special section all ending with a
 "Enjoy the Show!" .

Speaking of posters...our couple decided to ix nay the place cards and chose a seating board instead. We used the same papers and fonts as the invitation to create this matching seating board with titles capturing the theme using lingo such as
"co-stars" and "featuring".

What a GLAMOROUS wedding!!! Which is why we decided to name this invitation just that, Glamorous:)

Gina Whaley Photography

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Weldy/Donoway Wedding

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blake Haley

What is the one part of a wedding everybody loves? Well... besides the union of two of there favorite people joining together in a lifetime of love and happiness....the MUSIC!!! After the dress is ordered, the venue is booked and the invitations are sent out, there will be time to figure out your music for the whole day. You will have the options of DJ's, bands, piano players, harpists, entertainment groups and solo musicians. Love the sound of acoustic music??? Well look no further...we have a local musician who would be perfect for your music needs. Without further ado we bring you...

Blake Haley 

Blake was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi. In 2003 he travel north and made Ocean City, Maryland his home. Over the past 11 years Blake has shared his talent and love of music across the Eastern Shore. From local solo gigs to Dover, Delaware appearances with his country band, Haleytown, Blake has become a locals favorite. He plays all week long throughout the Summer at many local venues. His diversity in music along with his acoustic sound has become well know and loved in Ocean City.

Blake is available for any ceremony, wedding, cocktail hour and rehearsal dinner.
 Visit Blake Haley Music's web site for more information, bookings and upcoming shows:

Also check out his band

Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter Wedding Inspiration Board I

So as we move forward and enter a New Year let's see what's trending now. Looking forward will have us turning back...WAY BACK to the basics. Calming palettes of ivories and gold with a touch of color all mixed with a little shimmer -  in the form of sequins. Check out our first Winter Wedding Inspiration Board...We started with our Victorian Wedding invitation set. This beautiful invitation is printed on a linen ivory card and bordered with a burgundy cardstock. We wrapped this elegant wedding invitation set in a non-traditional and classy cream handmade paper with gold rings adorned throughout the paper. The entire burgundy and ivory invitation set is wrapped with a sheer burgundy ribbon. To compliment this lovely invitation set we've included a beautiful wedding cake with just a touch of round, gold sugar balls. Next we have gold candle holders in an array of shapes and sizes to flatter any table setting. Lastly, the beautiful bridesmaids are showing it off with sexy sequins in their winter wedding gowns.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Love Knot

The Love Knot

We were "lucky" enough to have such a great couple like Paige & Patrick find us to design their invitations. Natives of New Jersey, this couple was stationed in North Carolina since Patrick was in the service. This Lieutenant also has a bit of Irish in his soul which is where this stunning invitation set was derived. Paige explained that they wanted Navy & a Dark Silver Grey incorporated into their invitations but more importantly the Celtic Theme. She wanted to keep away from four leaf clovers or "Luck of the Irish" themes. We have dabbled in the past with Celtic Theme Invitations but we really wanted to do our research and make this special. Since the invitations were for a wedding we clearly started with the "love knot", weeeehhhhheelllll there are A LOT!!! We narrowed it down and sent some images to this cute couple and they chose a few knots (based on the meanings behind the knot) and we incorporated them into their designs. Below is their navy blue and dark grey Irish influenced wedding invitation set.

We made a large landscape style invitation with shimmer papers. We layered three shimmer papers; starting from the bottom we used a metal colored silver card stock, on top of it we adhered navy blue shimmer paper and printed on a beautiful white shimmer card. We incorporated the Celtic knots by creating a band down the left side of the invitation. Naturally, we aligned their wording to the right and infused their colors once again into the printing.
The couple opted for the ever-so-popular reply post card and also needed an information card. We included the Celtic love knot into both single panel cards to keep the theme flowing nicely. 

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

One style...multiple invitations. How we can fit a style into your theme

One of the many things we can offer you is the ability to change our invitation designs to match your theme, wedding colors or personal taste. If there is one particular invite you like we can change the color of the paper to match your wedding colors. If it's made with a smooth card stock and you want some sparkle we can change into a shimmer line. We can add images, change font styles and colors and apply ribbon or other wraps with texture.

Let's take a look at one of our invitations that has been transformed to fit multiple weddings.

Where it originated...

The Seafoam

Here is where it all started. A simple hand torn invitation made of a sea foam green handmade paper. This natural paper is filled with pieces of nature; twigs and grasses. This handmade paper invitation is perfect for the outdoor seaside wedding with a soft color pallet. The invite is printed on vellum and instead of gluing these two layers together they are attached to one another with a border of hemp being gently sewn in and out, from back to front. To tie it all together two hemp knots are found on the top center within a complete circle. 

The Daisy


Our next couple fell in love with the Seafoam invitation but their colors were pink and they were also including Gerber daisies into their wedding theme. Can we create an invitation for them??? Well of course we can!!!! We changed the green to pink and removed the hemp. Printed on vellum and attached it with a single silver brad also acting as the center of a daisy, this invitation is now complete.
This pink handmade wedding invitations is for purchase in our Etsy Shop below:

The Sky

Change doesn't always have to be drastic it can be as simple as a color change. This couple loved the Daisy invitation set but their color was a bright sky blue. With just the change of the paper color a new invitation was created: The Sky.

The Knot

This invitation is definitely favored amongst beach weddings lovers. Beach weddings don't always have to be bright and bold, they can be light and subtle. That's what our couple Lyndsay and Todd had in mind when planning their wedding. We started with an off white handmade paper filled with bits of nature. Their invitation was printed on a light blue vellum with three different seashells faded across the top. Going back to the Seafoam invite, we put two hemp knots on the top to tie these two layers together. 

Shimmering Shell

Our shimmering shell invitation literally brings the beach right to your guest. We used the same handmade paper as The Knot but this time we printed on a gold vellum paper and attached an actual seashell 
brad. We didn't stop there with this one. To hold this invitation in place with its matching enclosure cards we created a pocket fold cover in a cream shimmer card stock. Now your beach wedding is complete!!!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

One idea...two invitations: the beginning of Destination Miami Invitation Set

When meeting new brides to be, our initial consultation involves taking time to figure out their style, any colors that will be incorporated into their wedding, formatting and all the small details they want for their custom invitations. Do they want square or rectangle invitations, single panel or pocket fold, shimmer or handmade papers, color ink or black. There are many factors invoved when designing an invitation. Many times brides leave it in our hands to create their one of a kind wedding invitation, which we LOVE and we're always ready for the challenge! 

When meeting with Suzy and Ryan about their destination wedding invitations we had many key elements to work with when creating their samples. Shimmer card stock, electric blue color, pocket fold style and sand. When creating their design we decided to show them two samples both containing all four items but showing off a different style.

Sample #1

On the first sample, we decided to create a landscape pocket fold in a white shimmer card stock. The invitation was printed on white card stock and bordered with an electric blue shimmer card stock with lots of  sparkle. We went with a trio of palm trees sitting in a bed of real sand. The reply post card and info card were kept in suit having a landscape formatting. When placed in the pocket the cards laid cascading from right to left instead of up and down.

 Everything was sealed together with a shear shimmer blue ribbon and name tag with a matching palm tree image.

Sample #2

With the second sample we used the same style and color papers. This time we went with a portrait style pocket fold. The invite had a single palm tree image on a smaller bed of sand. The reply post card front side and info card was in a portrait style format. When in the pocket these cards will cascade up and down. The front of the post card and outer tag had the same palm tree image as the invite. The info card in this sample is layered with the same electric blue card stock used under the invite, giving a little more cover to the pocket side of the invitation.

These two samples are a perfect example of how key elements wanted in an invitation can give off two different looks. Each sample was printed with different fonts which were chosen by the couple, this way they could see the difference when printed.

Which sample did the couple go with??????

Sample #2 

For more information on our Destination Miami invitation set see our past post:
Destination Miami

See the couple behind the invitation:
Featured Couple ~ Suzy & Ryan Winchell

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Southern Belle Wedding Invitation and where it came from


Let's take a look at the history behind one of our wedding invitations...

The Southern Belle!!!

Many times while meeting with our clients they page through our portfolio and find that they like a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Well....This & That is what we specialize in :) When we met with Jessie and Shawn there were a few different styles of which they expressed interest. Knowing that their colors could be implemented into any of our designs she really liked to see how we could transform our "Chocolate" wedding invitation. Jessie loved the peek-a-boo ribbon and the layers of this invitation, however she also liked the idea of a pocket fold to hold their reply card and information booklet they would be supplying their guests. Like many new brides and grooms, Jessie & Shawn were on a budget, especially since it was a destination wedding and there would be two receptions. A simple, but unique option we offered to cut costs was to make a pocket invitation instead of a pocket fold. What is the difference you ask??? A pocket invitation is a panel style invitation with a pocket on the back. There is no fold over card or flap like a pocket fold invitation. This is a great alternative when you like a pocket fold style but want a more affordable option. 

Starting with the style of our Chocolate invitation we applied Jessie and Shawn's colors and themes. See what a different feel an invitation can have by just changing the colors of the papers. We went from deep and bold to soft and subtle. We added a bit of depth to the invitation by composing and printing on a textured card and the satin ribbon was changed to a sheer. It's like watching the seasons change before your eyes...ahhhh. The combination of changes cultivated a perfect "Southern Belle" invitation for our couple's Charleston, South Carolina destination wedding.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

A look at McCarthy Imagerie

It's fascinating to see all the different styles photographers possess. Almost as if you're looking at a special moment through someone else's eyes. The best way to shop for a wedding photographer is to look through their portfolio, check out their style and see if that's what you want captured on your big day.

We've been lucky enough to share clients with our friend Kelsey McCarthy of McCarthy Imagerie. Kelsey is an Ocean City, Maryland native who has an eye for wedding, portrait and fashion photography. A firm believer that,

"Life is like a camera lens. Focus only on what's important and you will capture it perfectly."

Here's just a few amazing photos from McCarthy Imagerie's portfolio:

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Web site:

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