Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bridal Party Cards ~ Will you marry us

If you're getting married, you'll need someone to make it official:) We have a sweet, rustic card to ask someone special to marry you! Whether it's your pastor, a friend or family member doing the honors of marrying you, ask them with this wedding proposal card.

WILL you MARRY us priest deacon card marry us card will you be our officiant kraft card wedding card officiant cards marrying us

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Groomsman Proposal Cards ~ Obviously this was her idea

You're getting married and now you need your guys! You know who will be there for you and who you want standing besides you even need to ask??? When your fiancé tells you to ask them with a card, this is the card for you. Give your groomsman the perfect card that shows them they are your OBVIOUS choice, even if the card was her idea.

OBVIOUSLY this was her idea but I still need a GROOMSMAN card funny card kraft bridal party card groomsman proposal funny wedding
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Groomsman Proposal Cards ~ time to suit up

It's time to suit up and get married!!! What better way to ask your closest friends to be a groomsman in your wedding. Ask your closest friend to be your groomsman with this funny card!

Time to SUIT up GROOMSMAN card will you be my groomsman cards funny card funny wedding card funny groomsmen cards suit up wedding party card

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Now act surprised ~ Bridesmaid Card

There's NO WAY your favorite girl won't be a bridesmaid in your wedding!!! You both know it, but a sweet little card to ask her the big question will mean the world:) Ask her to be your bridesmaid with this funny wedding party card.

Now ACT SURPRISED like you had no idea MAID of honor card funny bridal party card will you be my bridesmaid card act surprised proposal card

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Good friends are like stars ~ Will you be my bridesmaid cards

We all have those friends that are miles away but distance makes poses no strain on your friendship. Show them how much you care with this special bridesmaid card. A perfect way to ask them to be part of your BIG day!

GOOD FRIENDS are like stars will you be my BRIDESMAID card funny card kraft bridesmaid card bridal party card matron proposal funny wedding

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Watercolor rose bridal card - Flower girl cards

Sweet and to the point, and blank inside When asking that sweet little flower girl, do it in a way she'll remember, with this beautiful bridal card. The beautiful watercolor flower is a perfect symbol of the question at hand. Inside is blank leaving you plenty of space to write a meaningful note to your future flower girl. Card is printed on *cream cardstock and comes with a *kraft envelope.

We can't say "I DO" without you Will you be our FLOWER GIRL Card wedding party invitation card proposal card cute flower girl cards

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You've been there for the ups and downs - Will you walk me down the aisle?

You're planning your wedding and need someone to take that walk down the aisle with you:)

What a beautiful way to ask that special someone to walk you down the aisle!!!. Maybe it's your father, maybe a good friend, ask them with this sweet card. Show the person giving you away how much you care with this kraft proposal card.

YOUVE been there for the ups and downs WILL you WALK me down the aisle kraft father card best friend card give me away cards special moments

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