Monday, May 27, 2013

New Card Box ~ Burlap Wrap beach card crate

We've done it again!!!! We've transformed our simple crate into a stylish card box to match our Burlap Wrap invitation set. The box itself is painted an ivory color and has decorative fish netting throughout to protect the cards from falling through. We used the same papers we used for the matching invitation, Burlap Wrap, an ivory card stock and shimmery electric blue card stock to make a tag and banner. The large tag on the top of the crate read, "Mr. & Mrs," the bunting style banner reads "cards". Since we used sea grass images on the invitation and reply post card, we decided to make those grasses come to life on this card box. On the front of this card box we carefully placed a bundle of grasses on either side which are tied with burlap and a light peach ribbon. With also applied a thicker peach ribbon to each side of the crate and on the center clasp with a dried flower. 

This rustic seaside card crate is an elegant touch to any beach wedding.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

New Etsy Listing: Pirate Treasure Map

Check out arrrrrrrrr new listing on Etsy, a twist on arrrrrrrrr old Pirate Treasure Map Invitations, we've designed a newer version. For any of you matey's who dare walk the plank, it's listed on Etsy!!!
This one's for those of you who like things horizontal. 

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For a vertical style see this listing:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

1st Chalkboard style invitation ~ Bridal Shower invitation

When you think chalkboard, what are your initial thoughts? School? Teachers? Dust? NAILS???? AHHHHH...Well have no fear friends, we're here to erase those thoughts!!! For the first time evaaaaa we are introducing our chalkboard invitation. WE LOVE IT!!! Once again - what a great time to design when there are so many fun things to create. We began with a dark, somewhat dusty, chalkboard style template and our design mojo just flowed. With multiple romantic fonts and some beautiful roses to finish it off we gave life to our first chalkboard invitation. Whatdyathink???!!! Now if this doesn't make you rethink the ol' school house chalk board thoughts, we don't know what will!

This particular invite was designed for a Bridal Shower. The soon Bride-to-be is a school teacher and her bridal party thought it would be a nice touch including that in the shower invites. Choose this style for other events like a birthday party, baby shower or anniversary party. We can customize this Bridal Shower invitation to fit your needs :)

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring Wedding Ideas 2013

Spring is the beginning of wedding season. With warmer weather, Mother Nature is flourishing and the beauty of Spring is in full force. Quite obviously wedding fever is everywhere! So here we have our Spring Wedding Ideas for the 2013 year...


The Country Club/Golf Course

Golf courses and Country Clubs are a perfect wedding spot. When Spring is in full swing you can't get greener grass or prettier flowers than on a well known golf course. Many courses are ready to accommodate weddings with ceremony and reception packages all in one.
Most will be fully equipped with everything from the chairs for your ceremony to the table dressings at your reception. Most golf courses are your all in one wedding shop.

The Backyard 

Looking for an intimate and quaint atmosphere? How about right in your back yard?!?!? Or...someone else' back yard :) You can turn anyone's beautiful back yard into a private wedding setting. Get creative with your table settings and embrace the abode by decorating with rustic flair for the reception. Hang mason jars or paper lanterns from trees. Set up different stations for you guest throughout the property...have a table for your drinky drinks and maybe designate an area for some fun activities. A backyard can be a spectacular blank canvas allowing you to take control and fabricate your dream wedding. Who knows, maybe you can have one long dinner table to have a farmers dinner style reception???!!!

The Vineyard

If you thought golf courses have great back drops wait 'til you see a vineyard. And if you want rustic -  look no more! There are many large and small vineyards all over the country and many love to accommodate weddings. Not only will you have a great back drop for your wedding setting you will also have an excuse to have a wine tasting :) Fields of grape vines, old rustic barns, outdoor receptions, wine cellars and rolling hills are just a few things vineyards have to offer.


Spring time is when we step outside and take that breathe of fresh air we've been waiting for all winter. With the time change of Spring"ing" "ahead", the sun will stay perched in the sky for your wedding a little bit longer than in the winter months. This will let you have that late afternoon wedding ceremony just in time for some sunset photos too be taken. Keep in mind when you are planning your Spring wedding not to get Spring fever too early. With Spring comes blooming flowers and trees and you don't want to miss out. Some flowering trees only bloom for a couple weeks - TAKE ADVANTAGE!!!


Flowers, flowers, flowers!!! Tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths are just to name a few of the Spring flowers you will find. Spring time means farmer's markets and fruit stands will begin opening and are there for you to access - be open to the offerings of the season, it will save you bundles of cha-ching!

Another great local idea is to have a farmers dinner for your reception. One long table brings your wedding guests together. Help support your local farmers and agriculture with a farm to table dinner that is catered with local foods by local food artisans. Also use local vendors to help decorate and supply items you may need.


It's understandable that everyone wants their dream wedding, including the perfect flowers and food, but when it comes down to saving Benjamin's, I think we're all in agreement that some areas we can be flexible. Talk with your florist, photographer and other vendors on what deals they may be able to offer with in-season items. Go in with an open minded planning approach and you'll be sure to save money...and your sanity:)

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