Sunday, August 26, 2012

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Picking your papers for your wedding invitations!

Not many couples realize upon meeting us how extensive we really get with papers and the overall design process. We have a huge passion dedicated towards finding the most unique papers and fun cardstocks for EVERY ONE'S palate. So sit back and relax while we take you for a stroll down Paper Lane.

Cardstocks come in various colors, textures and weights. Let's start with smooth cardstocks - there are millions!!! It's the perfect paper to print on, in most cases, and we have a spectrum of colors to choose from, no really - we do!

Then, we have the textured family of cardstock. These cardstocks have, well, texture:) We have linen cardstocks, laid cardstocks, weave cardstocks, column cardstocks, felt cardstock and much more. Depending upon which paper you choose, the textures shown will be lines, or some sort of a grid pattern pressed into the paper. When adding a cardstock with a texture to your wedding invitations, or an other special event invitation, it adds a bit of class, dimension and overall intrigue to the design.

"Embossed" paper has a raised feature created by pressing or hammering a design onto its back. These papers may have a specific pattern like flowers, shells, circles, waves, etc.

Next we will move on to the translucents, or vellum paper. These papers are thin and for the most part clear, rendering it perfect as an overlay for your wedding invitation wording. Some couples choose to have the vellum paper lay atop their invitation with a small verse, or poem, or even their monogram printed. Like our other cardstocks and papers, vellums too come in various colors and levels of transparency. Some vellums also have specks, inclusions, columns and cloudy effects, which in turn could very well entice you to have your invitation printed right onto the vellum!


Our most popular cardstocks would have to be the shimmer line. The range and production of colors that are now manufactured in the shimmer cardstock line is constantly growing. And shimmer papers aren't just for you fancy folks anymore! Just like that hot pair of Citizen's jeans you can rock out with stilettos or chillax with some flip flops - these beautiful, rich, shimmery, metallic-like papers can compliment just about any wedding theme or style.


Another up and coming cardstock are those that are recycled. Nowadays, more and more brides are becoming earth friendly and earth conscious, but earth chique - WHO KNEW? Yes friends, it can be done. While the color options are still growing, there are plenty to choose from. Many recycled cardstocks have alluring specks and inclusions that add to the overall beauty of this paper. All varieties of earth friendly cardstocks are labeled by the amount recycled or reused, and our recycled wedding invitations have endless possibilities when it comes to design.


Moving on....we have handmade papers - need we say more?! Okay, we have to say more, 'cause there's soooo much to say. There are mulberry papers, saa papers, silk papers, papyrus, loktas, lace papers and the list goes on. Some handmade papers come filled with bark, sea grass, silk threads, bamboo, tissues and, once again - the list goes on!!!! Handmade papers, too, have come such a long way when it comes to wedding invitation designs. We have found unique ways to include handmade paper into customizing wedding invitations from adding a small hand torn piece, to using it as a canvas to build an invitation on and even to being a multi-purpose card holder and pocket fold.

Add some texture to your invitation with these raised velvet floral prints. This paper is a cotton based handmade paper with a raised velvet-like textured floral print. 
Perfect for a splash of character or used as a wrap. 

As you can see WE DON'T MESS AROUND...when it comes to paper:) Please contact us to set up your free consultation where together, we can create an invitation like no other!!!