Monday, December 7, 2015

Holiday Gift tags ~ Joy Full Heart tag

NOW FOR SALE in our Etsy Shop!!! Super cute "joyfull" Holiday tags. Use these Christmas Gift tags to add a special touch to your holiday gift wrapping. This rustic heart tag will be the perfect compliment to any of your Holiday presents or gift bags. With the cute saying "Joy Full", how can you not smile when receiving a gift with this tag??!!!

Tags come in a set of 5
Joy Full gift tags Christmas gift tags heart Gift bag tags holiday tags twine gift tags Holiday rustic tag chic tags country gift tags xmas
To purchase these rustic gift tags:
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Wine bottle gift tags ~ I dont get drunk I get awesome

"I don't get drunk. I get awesome." TRUE DAT!!! Who would not love this hilarious gift tag??? Not to mention who wouldn't love reading this tag when receiving a special bottle of their favorite vino, vodka or other liquid love. These funny alcohol gift tags are selling quickly, get yours while you still can!!!

Funny bottle tags wine tags I don't get DRUNK I get AWESOME wine gift tags bottle tags holiday bottle tags alcohol bottle gifts

For more information on these funny bottle gift tags:

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Wine bottle gift tags ~ In Dog beers I've had one

Whether your a lover of dogs or not, you'll love these funny wine bottle gift tags!! Give it to that special friend, or family member, that JUST GETS IT:) They'll be laughing out loud when they get your liquid gift and ready their "card". CHEERS!!!

Funny bottle tags wine tags In DOG BEERS I've had one wine gift tags bottle tags holiday bottle tags alcohol bottle gifts

Find these fur friendly alcohol gift tags here:

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Wine bottle gift tags ~ Wine me up and watch me go!

We're at it again! We created more funny wine tags using witty quotes matched up with many different decorative papers we have in stock. Doll up that bottle of wine you are gifting with one of our tags. Skip the gift bag and card and replace it with a simple tag that will leave your friends laughing when they receive your gift.

Funny bottle tags wine tags WINE me UP and WATCH me go wine gift tags bottle tags holiday bottle tags alcohol bottle gifts bottle tags

Check out these funny bottle gift tags, just in time for your liquid gift! Forget the gift bag and add one of these funny wine tags to your favorite bottle of cab for your favorite friend. Many more prints and styles available in our Etsy Shop.

Find these wine bottle gift tags for sale here:

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Christmas Tree Cards ~ Copper Star Trees

We have conveyed our version of Christmas trees on these beautiful Holiday cards. This set of 5 cards are designed with neutral colored trees keeping a modern feel these Christmas cards. We have a limited quantity of this particular style so get them while the gettin' is good!!!

JOY Christmas cards holiday TREES cards kraft christmas cards set of 5 note cards Christmas tree holiday cards xmas cards modern tree cards

Our modern Christmas tree cards can be purchased here:
Many more Christmas cards and holiday d├ęcor in our Etsy Store:

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sand Dollar Christmas Cards ~ Noel

Mixing our love of the beach with our love of Christmas, we have designed these beautiful sand dollar Christmas cards. Using a textured "sand-like" sand dollar we've blended a bit of the holidays, recycled papers and beach flair in this set of Noel Christmas cards. Cards come in a set of 5 and can be purchased in our Etsy Shop.

NOEL beach CHRISTMAS cards kraft Christmas cards set of 5 note cards sand dollar holiday cards beach holiday card sand dollar christmas card

Holiday cards can be purchase in our Etsy Shop:

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hanging Ornament Christmas Cards ~ Wishing you a Merry Christmas

EXTRA EXTRA read all about it - Christmas cards are here there's no doubt about it!!! Get your handmade Christmas cards in time for the Holidays. We've created these gorgeous hanging ornament cards with beautifully printed papers on recycled kraft cardstock. Holiday cards come in a set of 5 and the designs vary.

WISHING you a MERRY CHRISTMAS ornament holiday cards kraft christmas cards set of 5 note cards Christmas ornaments holiday cards xmas cards

More details on these beautiful Christmas card sets here:
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Monday, November 16, 2015

Christmas Lights Wine Charms ~ Merry & Bright

Just in time for the holidays we have our "Merry & Bright" Christmas lights wine charms. These handmade adorable wine charms come in a set of 5.  They are mounted through a card and ready to give as a gift! Perfect for a Christmas gift, Holiday party or just because:)

Christmas lights wine charms set 5 charms wine glass charms Wine charms gift set xmas wine glass charms christmas lights fun bottle charms

Find these adorable Christmas light wine charms here:
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Holiday Gift Tags ~ Bright Color Modern Tags

If you're looking for an out of the ordinary Christmas gift tag, look no more! These beautiful holiday gift bag tags come in various bright colors and sayings. Very modern and very cool - it's not just about the gift, it's how you dress it:)

Tags come in a set of 5
Bright colorful gift tags Christmas gift tags Gift bag tag holiday tags birthday tag Christmas sayings gift tags bold gift tags rainbox tags
Find these bright colored holiday gift tags below:

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Twig Ribbon Trees ~ handmade ribbon trees

Ribbon trees, yes please! We have created the cutest (and smallest) Christmas tree around. Made from a real tree branch and ribbon, these handmade Christmas ornaments are sure to win over anyone's heart. Every ornament will be a one-of-kind since the ribbons vary in color. This adds to the beauty and uniqueness of each ornament. Get them in time for Christmas!!!

Holiday ribbon trees ornaments branch ornament handmade ribbon tree hanging ornament red green ribbon branch ornament

This Christmas tree ornament can be purchased here:
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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Burlap gift bags ~ Naughty or Nice holiday gift bag

Do you know someone on the naughty list - don't we all???!!! Whether they've been naughty or nice these burlap gift bags with a sweet candy cane are the perfect treat for that special someone. We've customized and added antique flare to these gorgeous burlap bags and a candy cane to start (feel free to fill them with something else special if you'd like:) Get these custom made burlap gift bags just in time for the Holidays, order now!!! This is the perfect gift for anyone who can appreciate some North Pole Candy and who has a sense of humor:) These are selling fast, get your hands on them now!!!

Holiday Naughty treat bags, Santa Naughty list Christmas burlap gift bags North Pole Coal Burlap bag Candy coal bag Naughty or nice givt bag

Get your head start on the holidays and purchase these here:
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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Snowflake Wine Bottle Tags ~ Let it Snow

If you're planning on giving a bottle of wine or your favorite liquor, add this cute little holiday tag. No bottle is complete without a beautiful tag to adorn and what better time than the holidays to give. Whether it's your best friend, brother or sister, co-worker - or anyone who likes a drinky drink! These bottle tags are the perfect compliment to that fabulous bottle of wine, or any booze you plan on gifting.
Wine Bottle Tags Wine Gift tags Liquor bottle gift tags funny holiday gift tags alcohol gift tags funny saying bottle tags christmas tags
Let it Snow wine bottle tags for purchase here:
Find more Holiday gifts and Christmas adornments in our Etsy Store:

Holiday Gift tags Set of 6 ~ Ornament Tags

Christmas and holiday items for sale in our Etsy Shop! Below we have some of our handmade Christmas ornament tags. Oversized gift tags will add that special touch to any gift bag or box present. These tags come in a set of 6 different and complimenting designs. Such a great Holiday addition to decorate any gift bag or present.

large Christmas ornament gift tags Christmas gift tag Gift bag tags holiday tags kraft tags gift tag rustic gift tags dove ornament gift tag

For more information on these gift tags - find them here:
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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Personalized flower girl cards ~ will you be my flower girl?

You're getting married and you need your girls, especially the little ones:) You can't forget about your flower girl!!! Give that special little girl in your life this sweet card while asking her to be part of your BIG day. She will be so excited to see a card with her name printed right on the front. This custom name flower girl card has beautiful pastel flowers on the bottom symbolizing their role in your wedding. A personalized flower girl card will make any little girl feel special and excited to be in your wedding.

Will you be my flower girl PERSONALIZED NAME FLOWER girl card bridesmaid card wedding cards custom name flower girl card cute flower card

This personalized flower girl card can be purchased here:
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Friday, November 6, 2015

Funny Bridesmaid Cards ~ It's about to get cray cray

Will you be my Bridesmaid Card its ABOUT TO get CRAY cray Diamond Bridal Funny Bridesmaid Card Bridesmaid Proposal Card Be My Maid of Honor
You said yes - IT'S ABOUT TO GET CRAY CRAY!!!

You're getting married and you need your girls. Ain't that the truth!!! Have fun asking some of your closest friends to be in your wedding with this funny bridesmaid proposal card. Invite your closet friends to be your bridesmaid with this cute folded card.

For more information on this funny bridesmaid card:
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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Will you be my bridesmaid card ~ Let's get Nauti

We have nautical cards now for sale in our Etsy Shop!!! We are featuring our "Let's get Nauti" cute nautical bridesmaid cards.
Perfect card for a nautical theme wedding, or if you just like the "nauti" look.  What better way to ask your girls to be in your wedding than with this funny bridesmaid proposal card with a chic anchor printed on front.

Lets get NAUTI will be my BRIDESMAID CARD Bridesmaid Proposal Cards Be My bridesmaid card nautical bridesmaid card anchor card nautical card

For more details and information about this nautical bridesmaid card:
For more nautical wedding cards visit our Etsy Shop:

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Father thank you card ~ To the first man I ever loved

He is you father, your Dad. He has done so much for you, so you can't forget to thank him. When planning your wedding day, there will be so many special people to give thanks especially your Father. This cute kraft card is simple and sweet, leaving plenty of room in the inside to write a special note to your Dad. This Father thank you card is the perfect way to send your gratitude for all that he has done:)

To my father wedding day card thank you card kraft thank you card FIRST MAN i LOVED wedding card my wedding day to my dad thank you card
To purchase this sweet Father thank you card:
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Monday, November 2, 2015

Funny Bridesmaid Cards ~ Pop the question

Let's face it, when he pops the question there's more than just you going down this path of marriage, or down the aisle for that matter!!! Make it count when you ask. Our funny bridesmaid cards are a perfect way to show you care. Choose a custom proposal card to ask those special girls to be a part of the big day:)

Will you be my bridesmaid cards POP THE QUESTION bridesmaid proposal cards maid of honor matron of honor wedding party kraft card funny card

For more information on this pop the question bridesmaid card:

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Will you be my groomsman card ~ Free Beer

You're getting married!!! It's time to ask the guys to be a part of the big day.What's more intriguing than a card that says free beer???!!!! I mean, how could you NOT open it (or say yes to the question inside:) Ask your closet friend to be your groomsman with this funny bridal card. You need your guys by your side, and what better way to ask! This funny groomsman card is straight to the point and is blank inside leaving you plenty of space to write a meaningful note to your future best man.

Free Beer GROOMSMAN funny card will you be my best man card will you be my groomsman free beer kraft cards funny groomsmen cards funny groom

Find this card for sale right here:
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Will you be my groomsman card ~ Suit Up

So let's face it most men aren't sappy like us ladies. They say what they want to say by getting straight to the point - and it's no different when asking their bff to be in their wedding. With that said, we have the PERFECT card for the future groom. Our "Suit Up" bridal proposal card will help him get right to the point when asking his groomsmen to be part of the big day. Ask the guys to be in your wedding with this funny, no fuss groomsman card!!!

Will you be my GROOMSMAN Card Funny Groomsmen Card Card SUIT UP wedding party Bridesmaid Best Man Invitation card suit up fun groomsman card

For more information on this funny groomsman card:
For more funny bridesmaid and groomsman cards check out our Etsy Shop:

Monday, October 26, 2015

Tie the knot Usher Cards ~ Nautical Wedding Cards

Whether you're having an nautical wedding, or want to use the knot to symbolize the upcoming nuptials, this card will be perfect:) Ask your usher to be in your wedding with this rustic and nautical  kraft wedding card.

Will you be our USHER Card will you help us tie the KNOT Bridesmaid Card ring bearer Proposal CARD groomsmen best man wedding party invites

For more information on this nautical bridal card:
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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Personalized Ring Bearer Cards

Your ring bearer is a special little boy with a really big job. Don't just ask him to be in your wedding, give that special little boy in your life this sweet card while asking him to be part of your BIG day. Personalized with his name printed on the front, he will be excited to partake in this special occasion.

Will you be our ring bearer card PERSONALIZED NAME RING Bearer proposal card bridesmaid card bridal party card cute custom ring bearer cards

For more information about this personalized this Ring Bearer card:
For more Bridal Cards and Bridesmaid proposal cards check out our Etsy Shop:

Friday, October 23, 2015

Personalized Junior Bridesmaid Cards ~ Best Day Ever

What better way to ask that special girl to be part of your wedding than with a card that is personalized with her name. Your Junior Bridesmaid will love it!!! Give that special girl in your life this sweet card while asking her to be part of your BIG day. Personalized with her name printed on the front, she will be so excited to partake in this special occasion:)

Will you be my jr bridesmaid PERSONALIZED NAME JUNIOR bridesmaid card bridal cards wedding party card custom name flower card kraft card

Purchase right here:
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