Sunday, February 16, 2014

Our NEW sample: XOXO

We noticed our portfolio was missing something. What were we missing? A NEW sample just in time for the biggest love day of the year! Valentine's Day, of course!!!! We decided to stick to the basics and work with the most common Valentine's Day color, red. 

Sandwiched between a layer of black and a layer of white card stock lies a bright red card stock. We gave a little bit of a modern touch with the formatting while adding even more red with a few keys word. The reply card and direction card followed suit with the same formatting and white card stock as the invite.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration Board XII ~ Sandscaped Favor Boxes

When choosing a wedding date location plays a key part in which day you choose to celebrate future anniversaries. For most of us, to be married in a warm climate, next to turquoise waters is considered a dream wedding. Well, the climate has been a'changin' across the board so to guarantee warm weather this time of year, even down south, is not a guarantee anymore. Why not plan your wedding and honeymoon altogether in one big soiree. Time to buy a ticket to that one warm location that you've been dying to visit. With only a few days left before Valentine's Day arrives, the actual day we've been commemorating, we have yet another exciting hot pink beach style inspired board to share.

With a Valentine's Destination Wedding in mind we've chosen our custom designed sand favor boxes for this board. These unique destination wedding favor boxes are bright white, wrapped with a hot pink satin ribbon and topped with a custom tag with a wave of sand adorned along the bottom. Now look at that aisle and the turquoise water we mentioned earlier, run down, don't walk. Do you think he would get mad if she bypassed him, jumped in the water for a quick swim and then moseyed back to say "I do" - can you really blame a girl??!!! So if you're lucky enough to get married in destination beautiful and have guests to join you...give them a token of thanks in the most fitting form, flip flops:) And never, NEVER, miss a photo opp!!!
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration Board XI ~ Damask Seating Chart

Deciding to get married around one of the most romantic days of the year can be easier than you think. Coordinating colors is just the beginning, but then adding patterns and prints into the mix can really personalize a holiday influenced wedding. Our next Valentine's Day inspiration board features our Damask Wedding Seating Chart. This pink and white guest seating chart was embellished with a touch of black damask ribbon outlining each table number for this new bride and groom. We switched it up and formatted a unique diamond pattern design and added hot pink flowers to the top and bottom of the guest seating board. Look at how hot the combination of black damask and hot pink is showcased on some of the other wedding essentials. This gorgeous cake is so perfect it almost looks unreal! Would have lost the bet on guessing that someone made a hot pink and black damask tie...HUHHHUHHHHOTTTTTT! And how elegant would your bridesmaids look flaunting these gorgeous black damask them!!!

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration Board X ~ Birdcage

Nowadays there are so many different themes and creative ways to plan a wedding. We have seen it all, and it just keeps getting better!!! Our goal is to help our clients visions become an artistic reality by one of a kind wedding invitation designs and innovative wedding day décor. Our next invitation set emerged from the thoughts of Valentine's Day, love and a bird cage? Yes, a bird cage. This theme has trickled down to our next Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration Board, our Birdcage Wedding invitation set. This romantic invitation is printed on a bright white card stock, bordered with a pink card and finished with a smooth grey card stock. The birdcage image also includes two love birds, AHHH LOVE. We've kept this theme going and grouped this birdcage theme invitation with none other than birdcages. We'll show you creative ways to use birdcages as your wedding theme. Starting with a centerpiece; smaller birdcages and a few votive candles create a lovely, whimsical setting. Next we have the ever-so traditional birdcage card holder, isn't it amazing how style revolves and makes a come back! Lastly, who knew you could create a birdcage cake topper, NOT US!!! This cake is gorgeous shows yet another beautiful way to carry out your unique birdcage theme.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration Board IX ~ High School Crush

We're quickly realizing that a Valentine inspired wedding has become a very popular trend. Unless, you are dead set against romance and love (and if that's the case, you're probably not getting married anytime soon) who wouldn't want a Valentine's Day wedding??? With all of that being said, some couples just don't like red or pink. Incorporating shades of purple into a Valentine inspired wedding is a wonderful alternative! Think about it, you have a gorgeous color that emulates love without making your eyes bleed from staring at colors you can barely look at. Here's some ideas to incorporate a lighter shade of purple into your wedding invitation design. We chose our lilac, silver and white wedding invitation set named High School Crush for this inspiration board. This custom designed purple pocket fold is made from a lilac handmade paper coated with a shimmer spray. We printed the invitation on a bright white card bordered it with a silver card and printed a sweet saying on the vellum overlay. The handmade pocket is made with a silver sheer ribbon. In this Valentine Wedding inspiration board, we've decided to give a shot out to the ladies that help make a wedding day so special, the bridesmaids. The first gift you could give to the girls that stand by your side are these drop crystal Swarovski earrings. The girls will surely appreciate the next gift we have, custom designed, hand painted, bridesmaid hangers that can be found on Etsy. And we know your girls are gonna get their dance on! After a long day of wearing heals, who wouldn't appreciate being given these lovely lace Toms to cushion their tootsies:)
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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration Board VIII ~ Modern Lace

Keeping with our Valentine's Day wedding theme we've ventured on to yet another romantic color to bedazzle your perfect day...peach. Not your average Valentine's Day color, but watch how this color and little bit of lace can turn your Valentine Wedding into a love story like no other. Our invitation set for this Wedding inspiration board is our Modern Lace set. This modern square invitation set consists of three layers, two of which are earth friendly, with an ivory shimmer card layered in between. We mixed a classy script font with a vintage style font and created the perfect mix of modern meets vintage. The invitation is wrapped with a thick peach satin ribbon and adorned with a piece of scalloped ivory lace. Complimenting this modern invitation set is this stunning seven layer ornate peach cake, honestly this is too pretty to be cut into!!! What better décor than soft peach lanterns to add color to this romantic Valentine Day wedding. Lastly, all we can say is WOW as we finish up this board with no other than super girly peach Louboutin shoes to complete only the classiest wedding.

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration Board VII ~ Lilac Love

As we mentioned before, it's not always about reds and pinks when you're planning a Valentine's Day Wedding. Valentine's Day symbolizes love, so incorporating other elements of love will definitely transmit the message and theme you are conveying. We've based our next Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration board on our Lilac Love invitation set. This exquisite invitation is printed on a lilac shimmer paper, bordered with a silver shimmer paper and adhered to a custom white shimmer gatefold card. This light purple and silver invitation set is wrapped with a sheer purple ribbon and monogram tag. We'd recommend sterling roses to adorn a bit of color on any beautiful bride. How about TASSELS!!! SO FUN!!! You can purchase these on Etsy to highlight any card table, door way or just about any area you want a splash of color and something festive. HEARTS...OMBRE....CAKE. Need we say more:)

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration Board VI ~ Daisy

So as Valentine's Day approaches we keep getting more cutie patootie ideas to "marry" into another inspiration board. Our next invitation set is sweet as a candy-coated lollipop...okay maybe if you took that lollipop to the beach and sprinkled it with daisies - pink daisies. Does that paint a pretty picture for you? When you see our nature inspired pink invitation set, you'll understand:) Without further ado, HERE'S DAISY!!!! This pretty pink invitation is created with a soft pink handmade paper with the invitation printed on a translucent vellum. We created a daisy by punching out white and pink handmade, hence the name of this handmade paper invitation set:) You can't go wrong with sweets at a wedding and a candy table is always a crowd pleaser. We kept it tasty by adding some pink popcorn and pink soda!!! Ummmmmmm...who wants a pink soda...I DO (wait, you already did that:) WE DO!!!
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration Board V ~ Fun in the Sun

While the thought of Valentine's Day can warm your heart with love, if you're not geographically situated North of the Border warmth in temperature is the last thing you'll be feeling this time of year. Keep the fire burning not with thoughts alone...bring in some color. Using oranges and pinks we'll turn up the thermometer on this Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration board. We bring to you the invitation that influenced this board, Fun in the Sun...yes there can be sun this time of year!!! If not, what better color palate to create a gorgeous romantic sunset and beautiful Valentine's Day wedding. This beach theme wedding invitation is printed on a bright white card and bordered with two layers of shimmer paper; orange and hot pink. This wedding invitation has a white handmade paper wrap and matching pink and orange ribbon tied into a knot hehehe. You can almost feel the warmth of the sun looking at this beautifully decorated pink and orange aisle. This decadent cake keeps the firing burning all the way down to this gorgeous handmade hot pink and orange garter.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration Board IV ~ Casablanca

Although we would like to believe that on Valentine's Day love is the dominant emotion filling our hearts, but sometimes love is sharing the floor. Your day of love might be filled with a little drama, mystery, definitely (and hopefully) romance, which brings us to our next Valentine Wedding Inspiration board which derived from our Casablanca invitation set. Appropriately fitting the occasion, this movie theme invitation will carry you directly in front of the old tube set and ACTION!!! Mysterious on the outside, we handcrafted a silver cover and emulated the trellis style doors from Rick's Café in the Casablanca movie set. Slip off the cover and we've created a Moroccan style invitation from top to bottom. We coordinated this beautiful silver and black wedding invitation set with some pretty pink accessories. We started with these perfectly pink earrings that are so elegant, yet create an effortless look. Next on to the table, we have quatrefoil pink and silver charges to add sparkle to this Casablanca theme wedding and of course a signature cocktail. Sometimes all you need is a little sugar, pink sugar that is, to create the finishing touch...bottoms up!

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration Board III ~ Miami at Twilight

When we think of Valentine's Day it's not always reds and pinks that come to mind, try purple:) A Valentine's theme wedding doesn't have to scream Godiva Chocolates, red long stem roses and pastel convo hearts...K, BRB, JK, LMAO!!! With a slight shift of the color wheel we have a gorgeous color reminiscent of romance - a vivacious violet inspired invitation set. This Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration board is based on our Miami at Twilight invitation set. This multi layered pocketfold invitation has three rich colors layered into a black pocket; a silver shimmer, a violet or dark purple woven cardstock and the wedding invitation is printed on a bright white shimmer card. Sharing the stage with this charming invitation are these gorgeous, regal purple upholstered chairs. These spectacular seats will have any groom and bride feeling like a king and queen for the day. This beautiful wreath would a perfect amount of color splash to any backdrop and this statement necklace will be just that a true statement piece on any beautiful bride.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration Board II ~ Puppy Love

We're so excited to get the ball rolling for our next Wedding Inspiration Board. We took the traditional red color of Valentine's Day and put a twist on it, a gingham twist, that is. Our next Wedding Inspiration Board is created from a picnic style wedding invitation that we designed for a special couple. This couple is soooo cute they even included Max, their faithful pooch into their wedding invitation design. Here is our next Valentine Wedding Inspiration Board...

This adorable picnic theme wedding invitation was designed using red gingham as an inspiration. We created a custom square pocketfold with silver brads and trimmed the pocket with red cardstock. The invitation is printed on a bright white cardstock and bordered with a rich black card and adhered into the top portion of this pocket style invitation. The outside cover will hit home with any canine lover. We included the couple's precious pup into their wedding invitation design by attaching a picture of the dingo on the outside cover of the red gingham wedding invitations. To compliment this picnic style invitation set we included this perfectly appropriate gingham bowtie ensemble. Next, sticking to the season of love, we have a red heart ornament hung by nothing other than a red gingham ribbon, what a perfect decoration for a Valentine wedding. And where else would you want to spend the day other than having a romantic picnic style outdoor wedding (perfect if you live in the South) no sub-tropic weather:)

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration Board I ~ XOXO

Oh how we LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVE this time of year! It's the season of romance - ST. VALENTINE'S DAY! And what better time to plan your wedding, the most romantic day of your life? What is the first color that comes to mind when you think of a romantic Valentine's Day Wedding, RED, of course!!! You can't go wrong with choosing red to highlight your wedding day during this romantic time of year.  We have chosen traditional Valentine colors to symbolize the day of love for Our first Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration Board. Our first Valentine Wedding Inspiration Board is derived from our XOXO wedding invitation set. This red and black invitation is printed on a bright white card and bordered with both a bright red cardstock as well as a deep black card. Complimenting this beautiful red and black invitation set we have chosen red, red and more red! What symbolizes love and Valentine's Day more than red roses. Choose wisely though, red roses might be a bit costly this time of year if you're having a Valentine's Day wedding. So instead of flourishing your tabletops with flowers, why not add a few roses to a loose wave do. Since we started at the head, we may as well hit up the toes with these gorge red heart heels. And what does everyone want on Valentine's Day...a little whoopie, how about in the pie form??? YUMMMMMMMYYYYY!!!

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